Java Fundamental Classes Reference

Java Fundamental Classes Reference
By Mark Grand and Jonathan Knudsen; 1-56592-241-7, 1152 pages
1st Edition May 1997

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Part I: Using the Fundamental Classes

This part of the book, Chapters 2 through 10, provides a brief guide to many of the features of the fundamental classes in Java. These tutorial-style chapters are meant to help you learn about some of the basic functionality of the Java API. They provide short examples where appropriate that illustrate the use of various features.

Chapter 2: Strings and Related Classes
Chapter 3: Threads
Chapter 4: Exception Handling
Chapter 5: Collections
Chapter 6: I/O
Chapter 7: Object Serialization
Chapter 8: Networking
Chapter 9: Security
Chapter 10: Accessing the Environment

Part II: Reference

This part of the book is a complete reference to all of the fundamental classes in the core Java API. The material is organized alphabetically by package, and within each package, alphabetically by class. The reference page for a class tells you everything you need to know about using that class. It provides a detailed description of the class as a whole, followed by a complete description of every variable, constructor, and method defined by the class.

Chapter 11: The Package
Chapter 12: The java.lang Package
Chapter 13: The java.lang.reflect Package
Chapter 14: The java.math Package
Chapter 15: The Package
Chapter 16: The java.text Package
Chapter 17: The java.util Package
Chapter 18: The Package

Part III: Appendixes

This part provides information about the Unicode 2.0 standard and the UTF-8 encoding used by Java.

Appendix A: The Unicode 2.0 Character Set
Appendix B: The UTF-8 Encoding


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