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Appendix C. ASLaN Sacred Site Charter

If this book has piqued your interest in megalithic sites, please read the following charter outlining what is, and what isn't, respectable behavior at these sites. Many sites have been lost over the centuries due to vandalism and willful destruction. We would like to ensure that no more are lost for the same reasons.

In an effort to preserve our dwindling megalithic sites, the following requests are commonly included in literature that discusses megaliths. While a simple plea such as "Please don't trash megalithic sites" might be more appropriate for a book of this type, such a plea is, sadly, often ignored. We are including this document in the hopes that it will have more impact and impart a greater understanding of the issues involved.

We'd also like to draw your attention to the fact that many sites are in government care and, as such, any destructive behavior is illegal.

Doom and gloom aside, the sites are there to be enjoyed and have different meanings for different people. Enjoy!

ASLaN is the Ancient Sacred Landscape Network, formed to be a national focus for the preservation and protection of sacred sites and their settings, and maintenance of and access to them. More information on ASLaN can be found at:

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