By Matt Welsh, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, and Lar Kaufman
ISBN 1-56592-469-X
Third Edition, published August 1999
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Linux
Chapter 2: Preparing to Install Linux
Chapter 3: Installation and Initial Configuration
Chapter 4: Basic Unix Commands and Concepts
Chapter 5: Essential System Management
Chapter 6: Managing Filesystems, Swap, and Devices
Chapter 7: Upgrading Software and the Kernel
Chapter 8: Other Administrative Tasks
Chapter 9: Editors, Text Tools, Graphics, and Printing
Chapter 10: Installing the X Window System
Chapter 11: Customizing Your X Environment
Chapter 12: Windows Compatibility and Samba
Chapter 13: Programming Languages
Chapter 14: Tools for Programmers
Chapter 15: TCP/IP and PPP
Chapter 16: The World Wide Web and Electronic Mail
Appendix A: Sources of Linux Information
Appendix B: The GNOME Project
Appendix C: Installing Linux on Digital/ Compaq Alpha Systems
Appendix D: LinuxPPC: Installing Linux on PowerPC Computers
Appendix E: Installing Linux/m68k on Motorola 68000-Series Systems
Appendix F: Installing Linux on Sun SPARC Systems
Appendix G: LILO Boot Options
Appendix H: Zmodem File Transfer

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