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by Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, and Jon Orwant
ISBN 0-596-00027-8
Third Edition, July 2000
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Table of Contents


Part 1: Overview

Chapter 1: An Overview of Perl

Part 2: The Gory Details

Chapter 2: Bits and Pieces
Chapter 3: Unary and Binary Operators
Chapter 4: Statements and Declarations
Chapter 5: Pattern Matching
Chapter 6: Subroutines
Chapter 7: Formats
Chapter 8: References
Chapter 9: Data Structures
Chapter 10: Packages
Chapter 11: Modules
Chapter 12: Objects
Chapter 13: Overloading
Chapter 14: Tied Variables

Part 3: Perl as Technology

Chapter 15: Unicode
Chapter 16: Interprocess Communication
Chapter 17: Threads
Chapter 18: Compiling
Chapter 19: The Command-Line Interface
Chapter 20: The Perl Debugger
Chapter 21: Internals and Externals

Part 4: Perl as Culture

Chapter 22: CPAN
Chapter 23: Security
Chapter 24: Common Practices
Chapter 25: Portable Perl
Chapter 26: Plain Old Documentation
Chapter 27: Perl Culture

Part 5: Reference Material

Chapter 28: Special Names
Chapter 29: Functions
Chapter 30: The Standard Perl Library
Chapter 31: Pragmatic Modules
Chapter 32: Standard Modules
Chapter 33: Diagnostic Messages

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