UNIX Power Tools

By Jerry Peek, Tim O'Reilly & Mike Loukides; ISBN 1-56592-260-3, 1120 pages.
Second Edition Edition, August 1997.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Part I: Making Yourself at Home

Chapter 2: Logging In
Chapter 3: Logging Out
Chapter 4: Organizing Your Home Directory
Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Terminal
Chapter 6: Shell and Environment Variables
Chapter 7: Setting Your Shell Prompt

Part II: Let the Computer Do the Dirty Work

Chapter 8: How the Shell Interprets What You Type
Chapter 9: Saving Time on the Command Line
Chapter 10: Aliases
Chapter 11: The Lessons of History
Chapter 12: Job Control
Chapter 13: Redirecting Input and Output

Part III: Working with the Filesystem

Chapter 14: Moving Around in a Hurry
Chapter 15: Wildcards
Chapter 16: Where Did I Put That?
Chapter 17: Finding Files with find
Chapter 18: Linking, Renaming, and Copying Files
Chapter 19: Creating and Reading Archives
Chapter 20: Backing Up Files
Chapter 21: More About Managing Files
Chapter 22: File Security, Ownership, and Sharing
Chapter 23: Removing Files
Chapter 24: Other Ways to Get Disk Space

Part IV: Looking Inside Files

Chapter 25: Showing What's in a File
Chapter 26: Regular Expressions (Pattern Matching)
Chapter 27: Searching Through Files
Chapter 28: Comparing Files
Chapter 29: Spell Checking, Word Counting, and Textual Analysis

Part V: Text Editing

Chapter 30: vi Tips and Tricks
Chapter 31: Creating Custom Commands in vi
Chapter 32: GNU Emacs
Chapter 33: Batch Editing
Chapter 34: The sed Stream Editor
Chapter 35: You Can't Quite Call This Editing
Chapter 36: Sorting
Chapter 37: Perl, a Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister

Part VI: Managing Processes

Chapter 38: Starting, Stopping, and Killing Processes
Chapter 39: Time and Performance
Chapter 40: Delayed Execution

Part VII: Terminals and Printers

Chapter 41: Terminal and Serial Line Settings
Chapter 42: Problems with Terminals
Chapter 43: Printing

Part VIII: Shell Programming

Chapter 44: Shell Programming for the Uninitiated
Chapter 45: Shell Programming for the Initiated
Chapter 46: Shell Script Debugging and Gotchas
Chapter 47: C Shell Programming...NOT

Part IX: Miscellaneous

Chapter 48: Office Automation
Chapter 49: Working with Numbers
Chapter 50: Help--Online Documentation, etc.
Chapter 51: Miscellaneous Useful Programs and Curiosities
Chapter 52: What's on the Disc


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