CGI Programming on the World Wide Web

CGI Programming on the World Wide Web
By Shishir Gundavaram; ISBN: 1-56592-168-2, 433 pages.
First Edition, March 1996.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
Chapter 2: Input to the Common Gateway Interface
Chapter 3: Output from the Common Gateway Interface
Chapter 4: Forms and CGI
Chapter 5: Server Side Includes
Chapter 6: Hypermedia Documents
Chapter 7: Advanced Form Applications
Chapter 8: Multiple Form Interaction
Chapter 9: Gateways, Databases, and Search/Index Utilities
Chapter 10: Gateways to Internet Information Servers
Chapter 11: Advanced and Creative CGI Applications
Chapter 12: Debugging and Testing CGI Applications

Appendix A: Perl CGI Programming FAQ
Appendix B: Summary of Regular Expressions
Appendix C: CGI Modules for Perl 5
Appendix D: CGI Lite
Appendix E: Applications, Modules, Utilities, and Documentation

Examples - Warning: this directory includes long filenames which may confuse some older operating systems (notably Windows 3.1).

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