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We did not compose, and certainly could not have composed this book without generous contributions from many people. Our wives Jeanne and Cindy (with whom we've just become reacquainted) and our young children Eva, Ethan, Courtney, and Cole (they happened before we started writing) formed the front lines of support. And there are numerous neighbors, friends, and colleagues who helped by sharing ideas, testing browsers, and letting us use their equipment to explore HTML. You know who you are, and we thank you all. (Ed Bond, we'll be over soon to repair your Windows.)

We also thank our technical reviewers, Kane Scarlett, Eric Raymond, and Chris Tacy, for carefully scrutinizing our work. We took most of your keen suggestions. And we especially thank Mike Loukides, our editor, who had to bring to bear his vast experience in book publishing to keep us two mavericks corralled.

And, finally, we thank the many people at O'Reilly & Associates who poked our words into sensibility and put them onto these pages. These folks include: Nancy Wolfe Kotary, project manager and copyeditor for the book; Mike Sierra, FrameMaker specialist; Chris Reilley, technical illustrator; Edie Freedman, cover designer; Nancy Priest, interior layout designer; Seth Maislin, indexer; Madeleine Newell, for production assistance; and John Files and Sheryl Avruch, for overall quality control. Also, thanks to all the many people at O'Reilly who worked on the first edition.

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