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This book aims to be a comprehensive Apache security resource. As such, it contains a lot of content on the intermediate and advanced levels. If you have previous experience with Apache, I expect you will have no trouble jumping to any part of the book straight away. If you are completely new to Apache, you will probably need to spend a little time learning the basics first, perhaps reading an Apache administration book or taking one of the many tutorials available online. Since Apache Security covers many diverse topics, it's likely that no matter what level of experience you have you are likely to have a solid starting point.

This book does not assume previous knowledge of security. Security concepts relevant for discussion are introduced and described wherever necessary. This is especially true for web application security, which has its own chapter.

The main thing you should need to do your job in addition to this book, is the Apache web server's excellent reference documentation (

The book should be especially useful for the following groups:

System administrators

Their job is to make web systems secure. This book presents detailed guidance that enables system administrators to make informed decisions about which measures to take to enhance security.


They need to understand how the environment in which their applications are deployed works. In addition, this book shows how certain programming errors lead to vulnerabilities and tells what to do to avoid such problems.

System architects

They need to know what system administrators and programmers do, and also need to understand how system design decisions affect overall security.

Web security professionals

They need to understand how the Apache platform works in order to assess the security of systems deployed on it.

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