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Reads a character from the standard input stream

#include <stdio.h>
int getchar( void );

The function call getchar( ) is equivalent to getc(stdin). Like getc( ), getchar( ) may be implemented as a macro. As it has no arguments, however, unforeseen side effects are unlikely.

getchar( ) returns the character read. A return value of EOF indicates an error or an attempt to read past the end of the input stream. In these cases the function sets the error or end-of-file flag for stdin as appropriate.


char file_name[256};
int answer;

/* ... */

fprintf( stderr, "Are you sure you want to replace the file \"%s\"?\n",
         file_name );
answer = tolower( getchar( ));
if ( answer != 'y' )
  exit( -1 );

See Also

fgetc( ), fputc( ), getch( ), putc( ), putchar( ); the C99 functions to read and write wide characters: getwc( ), fgetwc( ), getwchar( ), putwc( ), fputwc( ), and putwchar( ), ungetc( ), ungetwc( )

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