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Recipe A.3 Tools

Recipe A.3.1 SelectORacle

Recipe A.3.1.1

A free service designed to help people learn more about complex CSS selectors by translating their meaning into plain English. CSS selectors can be submitted in one of two ways. The first method is to copy and paste a CSS selector into the form. The other method is to enter either a URL of a web page with an embedded style sheet or a URL to an external style sheet. The service then renders the CSS selector into easy to understand language.

Recipe A.3.2 W3C CSS Validator

Recipe A.3.2.1

This free service, provided on the W3C server, checks CSS for proper structure. You can test your markup by uploading files, entering a web address in the form, and then copying and pasting the CSS into a form field. And if you are so inclined, you can download and install the validator on your own server.

Recipe A.3.3 W3C HTML Validator

Recipe A.3.3.1

The W3C HTML validator is another free service from the W3C. Similar to the CSS validator, the HTML validator checks to see if your markup conforms to web standards.

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