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javawsJava Web Start launcher


javaws [ options ] url


javaws is the command-line interface to the Java Web Start network application launcher. When started without a url, javaws displays a graphical cache viewer which allows cached applications to be launched and Java Web Start to be configured.

If the URL of a JNLP (Java Network Launching Protocol) is specified on the command line, javaws launches the specified application.



Allows the creation of file associations during a -silent -import.

-codebase url

Overrides the codebase in the JNLP file with the specified url.


Imports the specified application to the user cache but does not run it.


Runs in offline mode.


Starts in online mode. This is the default behavior.


Allows desktop shortcuts to be created during a -silent -import.


When used with -import, this option prevents a GUI window from appearing.


Uses the system cache.


Removes the application identified by url from the user's cache and exits.


Updates the javaws configuration file (such as after upgrading to a newer version of Java).

-userConfig name [value]

Sets the deployment property name or, if value is specified, sets it to the specified value.


Launches the cache viewer application. This is the default behavior if javaws is invoked with no arguments.


Does not exit until the launched application exits.


Clears the user's cache and exits.


Does not display the Java Web Start splash screen.

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