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jinfoDisplay configuration of a Java process


jinfo [ options ] pid                        // info on local process
jinfo [ options ] executable core           // info from core file
jinfo [ options ] [process-name@]hostname   // info from remote process


jinfo prints the system properties and JVM command-line options for a running Java process or core file. jinfo can be started in one of three ways:

  • Specify the process id of a Java process running locally to obtain configuration information about it. See jps to list local processes.

  • To obtain post-mortem configuration information from a core file, specify the java executable that produced the core file and the core file itself on the command line.

  • To obtain configuration information about a Java process running remotely, specify the name of the remote host, optionally prefixed by a remote process name. jsadebugd must be running on the remote host.

In Java 5.0, jinfo is experimental, unsupported, and not available on all platforms.


These options are mutually exclusive; only one may be specified.


Prints only JVM flags, not system properties.

-help, -h

Prints a help message.


Prints only system properties, not JVM flags.

See also

jps, jsadebugd

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