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jstatdjstat daemon


jstatd options


jstatd is a server that provides information about local Java processes to the jps and jstat programs running on remote hosts.

jstatd uses RMI and requires special security permissions to run successfully. To start jstatd, create the following file and name it jstatd.policy:

grant codebase "file:${java.home}../lib/tools.jar {

This policy grants all permissions to any class loaded from the JDK's tools.jar JAR file. To launch jstatd with this policy, use this command line:

% jstatd

If an existing rmiregistry server is running, jstatd uses it. Otherwise, it creates its own RMI registry.


-n rminame

Binds the jstatd remote object to the name rminame in the RMI registry. The default name is "JStatRemoteHost", which is what jps and jstat look for. Use of this option requires rminame to be used in remote jps and jstat invocations.


Tells jstatd that not to start an internal RMI registry if none are already running.

-p port

Looks for an existing RMI registry on port, or starts one on that port if no existing registry is found.

See also

jps, jstat

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