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unpack200Unpack a JAR file


unpack200 [options] packedfile jarfile


unpack200 unpacks a JAR file that has been compressed, or packed, by the pack200 tool, and optionally additionally compressed with gzip. Specify the name of the packed file and the name of the JAR file to unpack it to on the command line.

Because unpack200 is used as part of the Java installation process, it is a native application that can run on a system without a Java interpreter.


All unpack200 options exist in both a long form that begins with a double dash and a single-letter form that begins with a single dash. When the option requires a value, the value should be separated from the long form of the option with an equals sign and no space or should immediately follow the short form with no intervening space or punctuation.

--deflate-hint= value -H value

Specifies whether unpack200 should compress individual entries in the resulting JAR file. value must be true, false, or keep. The default is keep, which specifies that each JAR entry should have the same compression that it had in the original JAR file.

--help, -h

Displays a help message and exits.

--log-file= file, -l file

Logs output to file.

--quiet, -q

Suppresses output messages.

--remove-pack-file, -r

Deletes the packed file after unpacking it.

--verbose, -v

Displays more output messages.

--version, -V

Displays version number and exits.

See also

jar, pack200

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