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Java 1.0closeable

This class provides method definitions required to filter data obtained from the InputStream specified when the FilterInputStream is created. It must be subclassed to perform some sort of filtering operation and cannot be instantiated directly. See the subclasses BufferedInputStream, DataInputStream, and PushbackInputStream.

Figure 9-21.

public class FilterInputStream extends InputStream {
// Protected Constructors
     protected FilterInputStream(InputStream in);  
// Public Methods Overriding InputStream
     public int available( ) throws IOException;  
     public void close( ) throws IOException;  
     public void mark(int readlimit);                    synchronized
     public boolean markSupported( );  
     public int read( ) throws IOException;  
     public int read(byte[ ] b) throws IOException;  
     public int read(byte[ ] b, int off, int len) throws IOException;  
     public void reset( ) throws IOException;                       synchronized
     public long skip(long n) throws IOException;  
// Protected Instance Fields
     protected volatile InputStream in;  


BufferedInputStream, DataInputStream, LineNumberInputStream, PushbackInputStream,,,, javax.crypto.CipherInputStream

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