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Java 1.1appendable closeable flushable

PipedWriter is a character output stream that writes characters to the PipedReader character input stream to which it is connected. PipedWriter implements one half of a pipe and is useful for communication between two threads of an application. A PipedWriter cannot be used until it is connected to a PipedReader object, which may be passed to the PipedWriter( ) constructor or to the connect( ) method. PipedWriter inherits most of the methods of its superclass. See Writer for more information. PipedWriter is the character-stream analog of PipedOutputStream.

Figure 9-48.

public class PipedWriter extends Writer {
// Public Constructors
     public PipedWriter( );  
     public PipedWriter(PipedReader snk) throws IOException;  
// Public Instance Methods
     public void connect(PipedReader snk) throws IOException;           synchronized
// Public Methods Overriding Writer
     public void close( ) throws IOException;  
     public void flush( ) throws IOException;                       synchronized
1.2  public void write(int c) throws IOException;  
     public void write(char[ ] cbuf, int off, int len) throws IOException;  

Passed To

PipedReader.{connect( ), PipedReader( )}

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