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Java 1.4

This interface defines a simple API for read-only access to sequences of characters. In the core platform it is implemented by the String, StringBuffer and java.nio.CharBuffer classes. charAt( ) returns the character at a specified position in the sequence. length( ) returns the number of characters in the sequence. subSequence( ) returns a CharSequence that consists of the characters starting at, and including, the specified start index, and continuing up to, but not including the specified end index. Finally, toString( ) returns a String version of the sequence.

Note that CharSequence implementations do not typically have interoperable equals( ) or hashCode( ) methods, and it is not usually possible to compare two CharSequence objects or use multiple sequences in a set or hashtable unless they are instances of the same implementing class.

public interface CharSequence {
// Public Instance Methods
     char charAt(int index);  
     int length( );  
     CharSequence subSequence(int start, int end);  
     String toString( );  


String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder, java.nio.CharBuffer

Passed To

Too many methods to list.

Returned By

String.subSequence( ), StringBuffer.subSequence( ), java.nio.CharBuffer.subSequence( )

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