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Java 1.0serializable comparable

This class provides an immutable object wrapper around a primitive float value. floatValue( ) returns the primitive float value of a Float object, and there are methods for returning the value of a Float as a variety of other primitive types. This class is very similar to Double, and defines the same set of useful methods and constants as that class does. See Double for details.

Figure 10-23. java.lang.Float

public final class Float extends Number implements Comparable<Float> {
// Public Constructors
     public Float(double value);  
     public Float(String s) throws NumberFormatException;  
     public Float(float value);  
// Public Constants
     public static final float MAX_VALUE;  =3.4028235E38
     public static final float MIN_VALUE;  =1.4E-45
     public static final float NaN;        =NaN
     public static final float NEGATIVE_INFINITY;                        =-Infinity
     public static final float POSITIVE_INFINITY;                        =Infinity
5.0  public static final int SIZE;     =32
1.1  public static final Class<Float> TYPE;  
// Public Class Methods
1.4  public static int compare(float f1, float f2);  
     public static int floatToIntBits(float value);                     native
1.3  public static int floatToRawIntBits(float value);              native
     public static float intBitsToFloat(int bits);                      native
     public static boolean isInfinite(float v);  
     public static boolean isNaN(float v);  
1.2  public static float parseFloat(String s) throws NumberFormatException;  
5.0  public static String toHexString(float f);  
     public static String toString(float f);  
     public static Float valueOf(String s) throws NumberFormatException;  
5.0  public static Float valueOf(float f);  
// Public Instance Methods
     public boolean isInfinite( );  
     public boolean isNaN( );  
// Methods Implementing Comparable
1.2  public int compareTo(Float anotherFloat);  
// Public Methods Overriding Number
1.1  public byte byteValue( );  
     public double doubleValue( );  
     public float floatValue( );  
     public int intValue( );  
     public long longValue( );  
1.1  public short shortValue( );  
// Public Methods Overriding Object
     public boolean equals(Object obj);  
     public int hashCode( );  
     public String toString( );  

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