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Second Edition Acknowledgments

Like most authors, I did not write this book in a cave (which is a good thing, because there are bears in caves) and consequently many hearts and minds contributed to the completion of this manuscript. Although no list would be complete, it is my sincere pleasure to acknowledge the assistance of many friends and colleagues who provided encouragement, knowledge, and constructive criticism.

First off, I would like to thank all of the editors who worked long and hard to make this book better. I would particularly like to thank Scott Meyers, my acquisition editor, for spearheading this second edition from conception to final product. I had the wonderful pleasure of again working with George Nedeff, production editor, who kept everything in order. Extra special thanks to my copy editor, Margo Catts. We can all only hope that our command of the kernel is as good as her command of the written word.

A special thanks to my technical editors on this edition: Adam Belay, Martin Pool, and Chris Rivera. Their insight and corrections improved this book immeasurably. Despite their sterling efforts, however, any remaining mistakes are my own fault. The same big thanks to Zack Brown, whose awesome technical editing efforts on the first edition still resonate loudly.

Many fellow kernel developers answered questions, provided support, or simply wrote code interesting enough on which to write a book. They are Andrea Arcangeli, Alan Cox, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Daniel Phillips, Dave Miller, Patrick Mochel, Andrew Morton, Zwane Mwaikambo, Nick Piggin, and Linus Torvalds. Special thanks to the kernel cabal (there is no cabal).

Respect and love to Paul Amici, Scott Anderson, Mike Babbitt, Keith Barbag, Dave Camp, Dave Eggers, Richard Erickson, Nat Friedman, Dustin Hall, Joyce Hawkins, Miguel de Icaza, Jimmy Krehl, Patrick LeClair, Doris Love, Jonathan Love, Linda Love, Randy O'Dowd, Sal Ribaudo and mother, Chris Rivera, Joey Shaw, Jon Stewart, Jeremy VanDoren and family, Luis Villa, Steve Weisberg and family, and Helen Whisnant.

Finally, thank you to my parents, for so much.

Happy Hacking!

Robert Love

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