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The following freeware tools and libraries are included in the Solaris Operating Environment.

  • bashsh-compatible command language interpreter.

  • bzip2 Block-sorting file compressor.

  • gpatch A tool that applies patch files to originals.

  • gzip GNU zip compression command.

  • less A pager similar to more.

  • libz Also known as zlib. A library that performs compression, specifically, RFCs 19501952.

  • mkisofs A tool that builds a CD image, using an iso9660 file system.

  • rpm2cpio Transforms a package in RPM format (Red Hat Package Manager) to a cpio archive.

  • tcsh C shell with file-name completion and command-line editing.

  • zip Compression and file packaging command.

  • zsh Command interpreter (shell) usable as an interactive login shell and as a shell script command processor.

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