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Practice Exam Questions


The kernel consists of which of the following?

  1. The shell and environment variables

  1. A small static core and many dynamically loadable modules

  1. Boot PROM and the operating system

  1. System milestones


What are the characteristics of changing to the single user run level? Choose all that apply.

  1. Equivalent to run level S.

  1. Shutdown state.

  1. All users are logged out.

  1. File systems remain mounted.


Which daemon is responsible for maintaining system services?

  1. init

  1. inetd

  1. startd

  1. svc.startd


Which of the following is a service identifier used to identify a specific service within the Solaris Management Facility?

  1. milestone

  1. lrc:/etc/rc3.d/S90samba

  1. svc:/system/filesystem/local:default

  1. /var/svc/manifest/milestone/multi-user.xml


Which service state indicates that a service is not configured to startup and run?

  1. uninitialized

  1. offline

  1. disabled

  1. degraded


Which of the following restricts the set of operations that users are allowed to perform at the OpenBoot prompt?

  1. security-password

  1. set-security

  1. set-secure

  1. security-mode


The bootstrap procedure consists of which of the following basic phases? Choose all that apply.

  1. Load the kernel.

  1. Automatically boot the system if the auto-boot? parameter is set to true.

  1. Hardware power-up.

  1. Execute power-on self-test (POST).


What is the best command to find your hardware platform and current operating system release?

  1. init -q

  1. sysdef

  1. uname -a

  1. arch


What information will you need during the installation process? Choose all that apply.

  1. IP address

  1. Product code

  1. Timezone

  1. Root password


Which of the following conditions will prevent a patch from being installed? Choose all that apply.

  1. The patch being installed requires another patch that is not installed.

  1. The patch is incompatible with another, already installed patch.

  1. The patch was removed.

  1. The patch version is not the most up-to-date version.


What does the pkgchk command do?

  1. Displays information about software packages installed on the system

  1. Stores answers in a response file so that they can be supplied automatically during an installation

  1. Determines the accuracy of a software package installation

  1. Used to determine whether the contents or attributes of a file have changed since it was installed with the package


In the Solaris Management Console, what is the field that corresponds to the maximum number of days an account can go without being accessed before it is automatically locked?

  1. User Must Keep for:

  1. Max Inactive

  1. User Must Change Within:

  1. Expires if Not Used for:


Respectively, what are the user initialization files for the Bourne, Korn, and C shell?

  1. .bshrc, .kshrc, .cshrc.

  1. .exrc, .profile, .login.

  1. .profile, .profile, .login.

  1. .profile works for all shells.


Which of the following file systems can reside on a local physical disk? Choose all that apply.

  1. HSFS

  1. TMPFS

  1. UFS

  1. NFS


Which file system block contains information about the file system?

  1. Boot block

  1. Superblock

  1. Inode

  1. Data block


To view the capacity of all file systems mounted on a system, which command should you use?

  1. du -a

  1. ls

  1. df

  1. mountall


Which command is a friendlier way to create a file system?

  1. mkfs

  1. newfs

  1. fsck

  1. mknod


Which of the following commands cannot be used to copy file systems?

  1. dd

  1. ufsdump

  1. fsck

  1. volcopy


Which command might you use to see which process is preventing a file system from being unmounted?

  1. ps

  1. mountall

  1. fsck

  1. fuser


Which of the following is an easily guessed password? Choose all that apply.

  1. Britney

  1. TnK0Tb!

  1. Dietcoke

  1. ZunSp0ts


What would a default umask of 023 set as default permissions on new files?

  1. Owner no rights; Group write only; World write and execute only

  1. Owner read, write, execute; Group read only; World execute only

  1. Owner read, write; Group read only; World read only

  1. Owner no rights; Group read and execute only; World read only


The second field of the /etc/group file is used to store the group password. What is the effect of a group password?

  1. Access to each group is granted only to users in a group.

  1. Users who are not members of the group can access it if they know the password.

  1. Users who are primary members of the group are required to use the group password to gain access to the group.

  1. Users who are secondary members of the group are required to use the group password to gain access to the group.


What would you use the prstat command to do? Choose all that apply.

  1. Get information on all the processes for a particular user.

  1. Determine disk usage.

  1. Determine which processes are consuming the most CPU cycles.

  1. Change system run levels.


Which of the following signals kills a process unconditionally?






What does the at command do?

  1. Stands for "all terminate"; kills all nonroot processes.

  1. Runs a batch job once at a specific time in the future.

  1. Sets a repeating batch job to run at a specific time of day.

  1. Displays the time of last login for a user.


If a nonroot user does not want to use the system default printer, how can that user select another printer to be the default? Choose all that apply.

  1. lpadmin

  1. Specify the printer in the $HOME/.printers file

  1. lpstat d <printername>

  1. Set the LPDEST variable

  1. /usr/sadm/admin/bin.printmgr


Which command(s) could tell you if a print queue is down? Choose all that apply.

  1. lpadmin

  1. lpstat

  1. admintool

  1. Print Manager


What does the command tar xvf /tmp/backup.tar do? Choose all that apply.

  1. Extracts the absolute paths of the archives in /tmp/backup.tar, creating new directories and overwriting files if necessary

  1. Prints a verbose listing of the files and directories in /tmp/backup.tar

  1. Compresses /tmp/backup.tar

  1. Archives the current directory and its contents to /tmp/backup.tar


Which of the following statements about the dd command is false?

  1. It quickly converts and copies files with different data formats.

  1. It can be used to copy an entire file system or partition to tape.

  1. It can compress files quickly and efficiently.

  1. It can be used to read standard input from another program to write to tape.


To what do the directories in /proc correspond?

  1. File systems

  1. Physical and virtual devices attached to the system

  1. Active process IDs

  1. Active UIDs


In Solaris, each disk device is described by which naming conventions? Choose all that apply.

  1. Instance name

  1. Physical device name

  1. Virtual name

  1. Logical device name


Which statements about Solaris Management Console are false?

  1. It provides single console, single login administration of multiple Solaris systems.

  1. It provides an easy-to-navigate GUI console.

  1. It has a command-line interface in addition to the GUI controls.

  1. It uses Role-Based Access Control.


What can the SMC Toolbox Editor do? Choose all that apply.

  1. Suspend, resume, monitor, and control processes.

  1. Install software packages and patches.

  1. Schedule, start, and manage jobs.

  1. View and manage mounts, shares, and usage information.


Which of the following is a hands-off method to automatically install groups of identical systems?

  1. JumpStart

  1. Custom JumpStart

  1. Interactive Installation

  1. Network Install

  1. Solaris Flash


In the ISO/OSI network reference model, what is the Presentation layer described as?

  1. It manages the delivery of data via the data link layer and is used by the transport layer. The most common network layer protocol is IP.

  1. It determines how to use the network layer to provide a virtual, error-free, point-to-point connection so that host A can send messages to host B and they will arrive uncorrupted and in the correct order.

  1. It uses the transport layer to establish a connection between processes on different hosts. It handles security and creation of the session.

  1. It performs functions such as text compression and code or format conversion to try to smooth out differences between hosts.


Which of the following usually spans more than one network?

  1. Switch

  1. Router

  1. NIC

  1. Host


How many IP addresses are available to be assigned within a Class C network?

  1. 254

  1. 24

  1. 65,534

  1. None


Which pseudo file system resides on a physical disk?

  1. procfs

  1. swapfs

  1. tmpfs

  1. fdfs


Which command is used to create an install server for use with a custom JumpStart installation?

  1. check

  1. setup_install_server

  1. add_install_client

  1. setup_install_server -b


Network File systems that are mounted read-write or that contain executable files should always be mounted with which of the following options? Choose all that apply.

  1. hard

  1. intr

  1. soft

  1. nointr


When you share a file system across the network for the first time, the NFS server must be started. Which command will achieve this?

  1. share

  1. svcadm enable nfs/server

  1. mountall

  1. svcs l nfs/server


Which of the following provides a means for selective access to administrative capabilities? Choose all that apply.

  1. Giving a user the root password

  1. Use of the sudo command

  1. RBAC

  1. usermod


You have created a metadevice, d30, which is a mirror of the root filesystem. Which command carries out the necessary setup to complete the operation, by editing /etc/vfstab and /etc/system?

  1. metadb

  1. metainit

  1. metaroot

  1. metaclear


How would you determine the NIS server used by a given machine?

  1. Use ypwhich.

  1. Use ypcat.

  1. Look in the /etc/nsswitch.conf file.

  1. Use nisls.


What file would you edit to make the local /etc/hosts file take precedence over DNS or NIS host lookups?

  1. /etc/inetd.conf

  1. /etc/resolv.conf

  1. /etc/defaultrouter

  1. /etc/nsswitch.conf


Which of the following is the method of automatically installing groups of identical systems without any manual intervention?

  1. JumpStart

  1. Custom JumpStart

  1. Interactive Installation

  1. WAN Boot Install


What command would you use to do a dry run installation to test a JumpStart profile?

  1. check

  1. patchadd -C

  1. fsck

  1. pfinstall


Which of the following files would not be used to manually change the hostname of a Solaris system?

  1. /etc/inet/hosts

  1. /etc/defaultrouter

  1. /etc/nodename

  1. /etc/net/ticlts/hosts


Which command would you use to configure the behavior of core files?

  1. savecore

  1. svcadm restart svc:/system/coreadm:default

  1. coreadm

  1. admcore


Which command would you use to modify the default crash dump device?

  1. crashadm

  1. dumpadm

  1. /var/crash

  1. gcore


Which of the following would assign the role adminusr to the user bill?

  1. rolemod adminusr u bill

  1. moduser bill R adminusr

  1. usermod R adminusr bill

  1. modrole u bill r adminusr


You have created a new zone called apps and need to check on its current state. Which command will display the state of this zone?

  1. zoneadm z apps list -v

  1. zlogin apps

  1. zlogin C apps

  1. zoneadm z apps install


Which of the following is not a RBAC database?

  1. /etc/security/prof_attr

  1. /etc/security/exec_attr

  1. /etc/security/user_attr

  1. /etc/security/auth_attr


Where does the configuration file reside that handles NFS logging?

  1. /etc/nfslog

  1. /etc/nfs/nfslog.conf

  1. /etc/inetd.conf

  1. /etc/default/nfs


This RAID configuration maintains duplicate sets of all data on separate disk drives.

  1. RAID 0

  1. RAID 1

  1. RAID 5

  1. RAID 53


This RAID configuration is where data and parity are striped across a set of disks.

  1. RAID 0

  1. RAID 1

  1. RAID 5

  1. RAID 10


This command is used to add a client to the LDAP naming service.

  1. add_ldap

  1. ldapclient

  1. add_client ldap

  1. ldapinstall


You have made a modification to your syslog configuration to allow extra messages to be logged. Which command will force the syslogd daemon to re-read the configuration file and make the change active?

  1. svcs l system/system-log

  1. svcadm disable system/system-log

  1. svcadm refresh system/system-log

  1. syslogd HUP


You have inherited a system and you are examining the custom JumpStart file to provide a hands-off installation. One of the parameters specifies archive_location and lists an NFS mount as its parameter. What would this tell you about the custom JumpStart process?

  1. The system being installed is being used as a file server and will share the specified file system

  1. The installation will be making use of a Solaris Flash Archive and the location of the Flash Archive is contained in the parameter

  1. The system being installed will use this location to backup its existing file system before the installation commences

  1. This points to the install server where the Solaris CD images can be found


Your system currently has four state database replicas installed, two on each disk. What happens to a running system if one of the disk drives fails and you lose two of the state database replicas?

  1. The system remains running

  1. The system panics

  1. The system will not start SVM the next time it boots and must be booted into single user mode.

  1. The system hangs

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