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Access control list

Used in Solaris to provide greater control over file access permissions when traditional Unix file protection is not enough. An ACL provides better file security by enabling you to define file permissions for the file owner, file group, other specific users and groups, and default permissions for each of those categories.

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)

The Internet protocol that dynamically maps Internet addresses to physical (hardware) addresses on local area networks. ARP is limited to networks that support hardware broadcast.

Array Controller

A storage array


A client system type that caches (locally stores copies of data as it is referenced) all its needed system software from a server. The AutoClient system has a local disk, but the root (/) and /usr file systems are accessed across the network from a server and are loaded in a local disk cache. Files in the / and /usr file systems are copied to the cache disk as they are referenced. If a Solstice AutoClient client accesses an application that is not already in its disk cache, that application is downloaded. If the application already resides in the client's disk cache, the application is accessed locally. AutoClient replaced the dataless client in Solaris 2.6.

AutoFS Maps (know each of them)

AutoFS files are referred to as maps. These maps are

  • Master map Read by the automount command during bootup. This map lists the other maps used for establishing the AutoFS.

  • Direct map Lists the mount points as absolute pathnames. This map explicitly indicates the mount point of the client.

  • Indirect map Lists the mount points as relative pathnames. This map uses a relative path to establish the mount point on the client.

  • Special Provides access to entries in /etc/hosts or the Federated Naming Services (FNS).

Automated Security Enhancement Tool

Examines the startup files to ensure that the path variable is set up correctly and does not contain a dot (.) entry for the current directory.

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