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Also known as a zero-administration client, this client has no local file system, and its /home is accessed from a server across the network. The JavaStation runs only applications that are 100% pure Java.


The recording of Unix file system (UFS) updates in a log before the updates are applied to the Unix file system. This allows for increased data recovery in the event of a catastrophic system failure. (Also called logging.)

JumpStart client

Also referred to as an Install client, the JumpStart client uses the JumpStart automatic installation to install the Solaris operating environment across the network. JumpStart clients require support from a JumpStart server to find an image of the Solaris operating environment to install.

JumpStart server

Provides all of the directives for the JumpStart installation, including an image of the Solaris operating environment to install.


A Kilobyte, or 1,024 bytes.


The kernel (covered in detail later in this chapter) is the part of the operating system that remains running at all times until the system is shut down. It is the core and the most important part of the operating system.


A security system developed at MIT that authenticates users. It does not provide authorization to services or databases; it establishes identity at logon, which is used throughout the session. Kerberos (also spelled Cerberus) was a fierce, three-headed mastiff who guarded the gates of Hades in Greek mythology.

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