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A.3. Linux News and Information Sites

Recently, a number of sites that feature news about Linux have been created. If you need to get your daily dose of Linuxish reading, try one (or more) of the following:

Has articles and feature stories about different Linux-related topics.

Now a subsidiary of the print magazine Linux Journal, Linux Gazette does not contain news so much as articles about setting things up and finding your way through your Linux system. Mainly targetted at beginners to intermediary users.

Calls itself "the first and (for the moment) only multilingual magazine about Linux." Contains longer reviews and articles about Linux-related things in several languages.

Contains longer reviews and articles about Linux-related things; often very well written.

A very useful list of new software available for Linux. If you are wondering whether the rest of the Linux community is sleeping or working, check this site and watch the new applications coming in.

Brings often updated headlines from computing in general (but with a focus on Linux and free software) and is probably best known for its bulletin-board system where people can comment on the news and on other comments. The low quality of some comments (both orthographic and content-wise) sometimes makes a sort of fun of its own. (This does not apply to the news themselves, though.)

The Linux Applications and Utilities Page is a very useful list of Linux software, grouped by category. You won't find everything available here, but it is a very good start if you are looking for a piece of software for a certain task but do not know any product names. Contains both free and commercial software.

One more web site that collects Linux-related resources and is well organized.

Lists thousands of Linux programs by category with short descriptions and a rating. It's more difficult to find something than at the Linux Application and Utilities Page, but is way more complete, too.

This page, Linux Enterprise Computing, lists many other resources about using Linux in commercial settings. Very worth looking through even if you don't plan to use Linux commercially.

On this page, Scientific Applications on Linux, you can find lists and descriptions of applications for using Linux in science and research, an area Linux is traditionally strong in.,, and

Web sites of various Linux distributors; you should find a lot of information about your distribution here.

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