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C.7. Tuning and Post-Installation Considerations

Linux should now boot and work adequately. However, we recommend several enhancements.

C.7.1. Kernel Tuning

Once you have completed the installation, compile your own kernel, because the kernel shipped with your distribution probably contains more device drivers than you need. You can find information on compiling a kernel at the AlphaLinux web site ( ), as well as in the kernel Howto (available from any Linux archive site).

C.7.2. Performance and Library Tuning

To increase the performance of AlphaLinux, you can replace the standard math libraries with the Compaq Portable Math Library (CPML). The CPML is identical in content to the Compaq Tru64 Unix libm and replaces the AlphaLinux libm directly. For more information on the CPML, visit:

A good resource for AlphaLinux performance tuning is available at: PCA/PerformanceTuning.html

C.7.3. Binary Emulation

AlphaLinux is mostly binary compatible with Tru64 Unix (Digital Unix or DU); however, not all the system calls have been implemented. To run Tru64 Unix binaries on AlphaLinux, you need some of the shared libraries from Tru64 Unix, which requires a legal license of Tru64 Unix. More detailed explanation on how to set this up can be found in the AlphaLinux FAQ at

AlphaLinux can also execute i386 Linux binaries through a program called em86. Information on this is also available in the AlphaLinux FAQ. Please note that patching the kernel is no longer necessary, although you must compile in support for i386 binaries when building the kernel.

C.7.4. Graphical Browser Considerations

Netscape has not ported the Netscape Communicator to AlphaLinux. But do not despair, because with binary emulation for x86 andTru64 Unix, the x86 and Tru64 native binaries will run on AlphaLinux.

The Mozilla browser is also an alternative. Information on Mozilla and other browser options can be found at

Some other options available are the KDE file manager from the K desktop environment ( ). If your Linux installation's port is not useable, a fairly stable earlier binary is available at

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