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16.8. Memory Block Handling

The functions listed in Table 16-21 initialize, copy, search, and compare blocks of memory. The functions declared in the header string.h access a memory block byte by byte, while those declared in wchar.h read and write units of the type wchar_t. Accordingly, the size parameter of each function indicates the size of a memory block as a number of bytes, or as a number of wide characters.

Table 16-21. Functions to manipulate blocks of memory


Functions in string.h

Functions in wchar.h

Copy a memory block, where source and destination do not overlap

memcpy( )

wmemcpy( )

Copy a memory block, where source and destination may overlap

memmove( )

wmemmove( )

Compare two memory blocks

memcmp( )

wmemcmp( )

Find the first occurrence of a given character

memchr( )

wmemchr( )

Fill the memory block with a given character value

memset( )

wmemset( )

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