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Copies the first n wide characters of a string to another location

#include <wchar.h>
wchar_t *wcsncpy ( const wchar_t * restrict dest ,
                  const wchar_t * restrict src , size_t n  );

The wcsncpy( ) function copies at most n wide characters from the string addressed by src to the wchar_t array addressed by dest, which must be large enough to accommodate n wide characters. The wcsncpy( ) function returns the value of its first argument, dest. The locations that wcsncpy( ) reads from and writes to using its restricted pointer parameters must not overlap.

If there is no null wide character within the first n characters of src, then the copied string fragment is not terminated.

If wcsncpy( ) reads a null wide character from src before it has copied n wide characters, then the function writes null wide characters to dest until it has written a total of n wide characters.


See the examples for wcscspn( ) and wcspbrk( ) in this chapter.

See Also

strcpy( ), strncpy( ), memcpy( ), memmove( ), wcscpy( ), wmemcpy( ), wmemmove( )

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