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Calculates the square root of a complex number

#include <complex.h>
double complex csqrt ( double complex z  );
float complex csqrtf ( float complex z  );
long double complex csqrtl ( long double complex z  );

The csqrt( ) function returns the complex square root of its complex number argument.


double complex z = 1.35 - 2.46 * I;
double complex c, d;

c = csqrt( z );
d = c * c;

printf("If the square root of %.2f %+.2f \xD7 I equals %.2f %+.2f \xD7 I,"
       "\n", creal(z), cimag(z), creal(c), cimag(c) );
printf("then %.2f %+.2f \xD7 I squared should equal %.2f %+.2f \xD7 I.\n",
       creal(c), cimag(c), creal(d), cimag(d) );

This code produces the following output:

If the square root of 1.35 -2.46 x I equals 1.44 -0.85 x I,
then 1.44 -0.85 x I squared should equal 1.35 -2.46 x I.

See Also

cexp( ), clog( ), cpow( ), csqrt( )

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