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2.5. Installing and Running the Product

To install the Favorites plug-in, do the following.

  • Shut down Eclipse

  • Unzip the file into your Eclipse directory (e.g., C:/eclipse)

  • Verify that the favorites plug-in is in the /plugins directory (e.g., C:/eclipse/plugins/com.qualityeclipse.favorites_1.0.0.jar)

  • Restart Eclipse


Eclipse caches plug-in information in a configuration directory (see Section 3.4.5, Plug-in configuration files, on page 116). If you are installing a new version of your plug-in over an already installed one without incrementing the version number, then use the -clean command-line option when launching Eclipse so that it will rebuild its cached plug-in information.

After Eclipse has restarted, from the Window menu, select Show View > Other... (see Figure 2-18) to open the Show View dialog (see Figure 2-19). In the dialog, expand the Quality Eclipse category, select Favorites, and then click the OK button. This causes the Favorites view to open (see Figure 2-20).

Figure 2-18. Show View > Other... from the Window menu.

Figure 2-19. Show View dialog.

The Eclipse 3.1 version is shown on the left and the Eclipse 3.2 version is shown on the right. The Eclipse 3.2 version adds a filter field.

Figure 2-20. The Favorites view in its initial and simplest form.

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