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10.3. RFRS Considerations

The "User Interface" section of the RFRS Requirements includes three best practices dealing with perspectives. All of them are derived from the Eclipse UI Guidelines.

10.3.1. Create for long-lived tasks (RFRS

User Interface Guideline #8.1 is a best practice that states:

Create a new perspective type for long-lived tasks that involve the performance of smaller, non-modal tasks. A new perspective type should be created when there is a group of related tasks that would benefit from a predefined configuration of actions and views, and these tasks are long-lived. A task-oriented approach is imperative

To pass this test, create a list of the perspectives defined by your application and demonstrate their use. For every perspective, describe the views, shortcuts, new wizard items, and action sets that are included. In the case of the examples presented earlier in this chapter, show the Favorites perspective (see Figure 10-5) and describe its use to the reviewers.

10.3.2. Extend existing perspectives (RFRS

User Interface Guideline #8.2 is a best practice that states:

To expose a single view or two views, extend an existing perspective type. If a plug-in contributes a small number of views, and these augment an existing task, it is better to add those views to an existing perspective. For instance, if you create a view that augments the task of Java code creation, don't create a new perspective. Instead, add it to the existing Java perspective. This strategy provides better integration with the existing platform.

For this test, simply create a list of any views that your application adds to other existing perspectives. In the case of the earlier examples, show the Favorites view added to the Resource perspective (see Figure 10-9).

10.3.3. Add actions to window menu (RFRS

User Interface Guideline #8.6 is a best practice that states:

Populate the window menu bar with actions and action sets that are appropriate to the task orientation of the perspective, and any larger workflow.

For this test, provide a list of any action sets that have been added to any perspectives. For the Favorites view, list things such as the Favorites action set that was added to the Resource perspective in Section 10.2.3, Adding action sets, on page 402.

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