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4.3. Google News Search Syntax

When you search Google News, the default is to search for your query keywords anywhere in the news article's headline, story text, source, or URL.

iht will find stories appearing in the International Herald Tribune ( even if "iht" appears nowhere in the headline, story, or source's proper name.

Google News Search uses basic boolean just like Google's Web Search ["Basic Boolean" in Chapter 1].

Google News supports the following special search syntax:


Finds words in an article headline.


An allintitle: variation finds stories wherein all the words specified appear in an article headline—effectively the same as using intitle: before each keyword.

allintitle:miners strike benefits


Finds search terms in the body of a story.

intext:"crude oil"

An allintext: variation finds stories where all your search keywords appear in article text—effectively the same as using intext: before each keyword.

allintext:US stocks rebound


Looks for particular keywords in a news story's URL:

ipod inurl:reuters


Finds articles from a particular source. Unfortunately, Google News does not offer a list of its over 4,500 sources, so you'll have to guess a little. Also, you need to replace any spaces in the source's name with underscore characters; e.g., The New York Times becomes new_york_times (case insensitive).

miners source:international_herald_tribune

"international space station" source:new_york_times


Filters articles from sources located in a particular country or state. For country names consisting of more than one word, replace any spaces with underscore characters; e.g., South Africa becomes south_africa (case insensitive). In the case of state names, use official abbreviations like ca for California and id for Idaho.

"organic farming" location:france

election 2004 location:ca

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