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jpsList Java processes


jps [ options ] [ hostname[:port ] ]


jps lists the Java processes running on the local host or on the specified remote host. If a remote host is specified, it must be running the jstatd daemon. For each Java process, it displays a process id and names the class or JAR file that the process is executing. Process ids are used by a number of other Java tools, such as jconsole, jstat, and jmap.


The options below alter the default jps display. The single-letter options, except for -q, may be combined into a single command-line argument, such as -lmv:


Displays a usage message.


Lists the full package name of the main class or the full path of the JAR file running in each Java process.


Lists the arguments passed to main( ) method of each Java process.


Lists only Java process identifiers, without application name or any additional information.


Lists arguments passed to the Java interpreter for each Java process.


Lists arguments passed to the interpreter through a flags file such as .hotspotrc.

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