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jsadebugdDaemon process for remote debugging


jsadebugd pid [ process-name ]              // running process
jsadebugd executable core [ process-name ]  // core file


jsadebugd is a server process that allows remote invocations of jinfo, jmap, and jstack on a local Java process or core file. Invoke jsadebugd by specifying either the process id of a running Java process or an executable file and core file pair on the command line. If more than one jsadebugd server will run on the same host at the same time, follow these arguments with an identifying process name that remote clients can use to identify the desired process.

jsadebugd starts the rmiregistry server.

In Java 5.0, jsadebugd is experimental, unsupported, and not available on all platforms.

See also

jinfo, jmap, jstack

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