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Java 1.0closeable

This class is a subclass of InputStream in which input data comes from a specified array of byte values. This is useful when you want to read data in memory as if it were coming from a file, pipe, or socket. Note that the specified array of bytes is not copied when a ByteArrayInputStream is created. See also CharArrayReader.

Figure 9-5.

public class ByteArrayInputStream extends InputStream {
// Public Constructors
     public ByteArrayInputStream(byte[ ] buf);  
     public ByteArrayInputStream(byte[ ] buf, int offset, int length);  
// Public Methods Overriding InputStream
     public int available( );                              synchronized
1.2  public void close( ) throws IOException;                         empty
1.1  public void mark(int readAheadLimit);  
1.1  public boolean markSupported( );                                 constant
     public int read( );                                   synchronized
     public int read(byte[ ] b, int off, int len);               synchronized
     public void reset( );                                 synchronized
     public long skip(long n);                           synchronized
// Protected Instance Fields
     protected byte[ ] buf;  
     protected int count;  
1.1  protected int mark;  
     protected int pos;  

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