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Java 1.0closeable flushable

This class is a subclass of OutputStream in which output data is stored in an internal byte array. The internal array grows as necessary and can be retrieved with toByteArray( ) or toString( ). The reset( ) method discards any data currently stored in the internal array and stores data from the beginning again. See also CharArrayWriter.

Figure 9-6.

public class ByteArrayOutputStream extends OutputStream {
// Public Constructors
     public ByteArrayOutputStream( );  
     public ByteArrayOutputStream(int size);  
// Public Instance Methods
     public void reset( );                                 synchronized
     public int size( );  
     public byte[ ] toByteArray( );                 synchronized
1.1  public String toString(String enc) throws UnsupportedEncodingException;  
     public void writeTo(OutputStream out) throws IOException;          synchronized
// Public Methods Overriding OutputStream
1.2  public void close( ) throws IOException;                         empty
     public void write(int b);                           synchronized
     public void write(byte[ ] b, int off, int len);             synchronized
// Public Methods Overriding Object
     public String toString( );  
// Protected Instance Fields
     protected byte[ ] buf;  
     protected int count;  
// Deprecated Public Methods
#    public String toString(int hibyte);  

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