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6.6. Permission Classes

Table 6-1 lists some important Permission subclasses defined by the core Java platform and summarizes the permissions they represent. See the reference section for more information on the individual classes. See for a complete list and detailed description of these permissions classes, along with their target and action names and a list of methods and the permissions they require (this document is part of the standard documentation bundle that can be downloaded along with the JDK).

Table 6-1. Java permission classes

Permission class


An instance of this special permission class implies all other permissions.


Controls the ability to play and record sound.

Controls access to authentication methods in and its subpackages.


Controls access to sensitive methods in java.awt and its subpackages.

Governs access to the filesystem.


Controls the ability of a program to modify the logging configuration.

Governs access to networking-related resources such as stream handlers and HTTP authentication. See also


Governs access to system properties.


Governs access through the java.lang.reflect package to classes and class members that would normally be inaccessible.


Governs access to a number of methods and resources. Many of the controlled methods are defined by java.lang.System and java.lang.Runtime.

Governs access to various security-related methods.

Governs access to serialization-related methods.

Governs access to the network.


Governs the ability to specify logging streams in the java.sql JDBC API.

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