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Accessing Removable Media Devices


When volume management is running, you can access CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Iomega Zip, and Iomega Jaz devices by simply inserting the medium into the appropriate drive. After the medium is mounted, a File Manager window showing the contents of the medium is displayed.

You must manually mount diskettes before you can access them. See "Diskettes and Volume Management" on page 276 for information on how to access diskettes with volume management.

Removable Media Manager

You can use CDE Removable Media Manager to format, protect, and view data on removable media devices such as diskettes, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Iomega Zip, and Iomega Jaz devices.

NOTE. Removable Media Manager was introduced in the Solaris 8 6/00 release.

When you start Removable Media Manager, it displays all media currently loaded into the drives. If none of the drives contain any media, nothing is displayed in the Removable Media Manager window. The different forms of devices are represented by icons and are unlimited. For example, if a system has three drives loaded with diskettes, three diskette icons are displayed, and the icon view is updated each time you insert or eject a device. Each class of media is represented by a different icon.

Starting Removable Media Manager

You can open the Removable Media Manager in any of the following ways.

  • From the File Manager File menu, choose Removable Media Manager.

  • From the Front Panel Files subpanel, click on the Removable Media Manager icon.

  • From the Workspace menu Folders menu, choose Removable Media Manager.

Figure 3 shows the Removable Media Manager window with one CD-ROM device and one diskette.

Figure 3. Removable Media Manager Window


A device is displayed with a nickname (cdrom0), an optional volume name (SOL_8_DOC), and an optional partition or slice number (0). You can view additional information about a device and set properties. You can select one or more devices and perform operations on them, such as formatting and slicing devices, creating Solaris slices, and write-protecting a device either with or without a password.

Supported Media Devices

Removable Media Manager supports the following devices.

  • Diskette.

  • CD-ROM.

  • DVD-ROM.

  • Iomega Zip drive.

  • Iomega Jaz drive.

  • Rmdisk (generic call that includes Syquest devices).

The following sections provide information about the supported media classes.

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