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Advice on Taking the Exam

More extensive tips are found in the "Study and Exam Prep Tips" and throughout the book, but keep in mind the following advice as you study for the exam:

  • Read all the material This book includes information not reflected in the exam objectives to better prepare you for the exam and for real-world experiences. Read all of the material to benefit from this.

  • Do the step-by-step lab exercises and complete the exercises in each chapter This will help you gain experience and prepare you for the scenario-type questions that you will encounter.

  • Use the questions to assess your knowledge Each chapter contains review questions and exam questions. Use these to asses your knowledge and determine where you need to review material.

  • Review the exam objectives Develop your own questions and examples for each topic listed. If you can develop and answer several questions for each topic, you should not find it difficult to pass the exam.

  • Relax and sleep before taking the exam Time for taking the examination is limited. However, if you have prepared and you know Solaris network administration, you will find plenty of time to answer all of the questions. Be sure to rest well for the stress that time limitations put on you as you take the exam.

  • Review all the material in the fast facts the night before or the morning you take the exam.

  • If you don't know the answer to a question, just skip it and don't waste much time You'll need to complete the exam in the time allotted. Don't be lazy during the examination, and answer all the questions as quickly as possible. Any unfinished questions will be marked incorrect.

  • Visit my Web site, It contains the following:

    • Late-breaking changes that Sun might make to the exam or the objectives. You can expect Sun to change the exams frequently. Make sure you check my Web site before taking the exam.

    • A FAQs page with frequently asked questions and errata regarding this book or the exams.

    • Links to other informative Web sites.

    • Additional practice questions and sample exams for the ExamGear test engine. The ExamGear test engine has hundreds of questions that you can use to further assess your retention of the material presented in the book. The exams feature electronic flash cards that take the place of those sticky notes that you've used as bookmarks throughout the book. Don't attempt the real exam until you can pass every section of the practice exams with a 95% or better score.

    • An online forum where you can discuss certification-related issues with me and other system administrators, including some that have already taken the exam.

    • Additional study materials, training programs, and online seminars related to Solaris certification.

    • You can also email me directly from this Web site with questions or comments about this book. I always personally try to answer each one.

When you feel confident, take the real exams and become certified. Don't forget to drop me an email and let me know how you did on the exam (

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