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NAME_RESOLVE procedure
10.1.1. Getting Started with DBMS_UTILITY The DBMS_UTILITY.NAME_RESOLVE procedure
NAME_TOKENIZE procedure Constructing the SELECT
10.1.1. Getting Started with DBMS_UTILITY The DBMS_UTILITY.NAME_TOKENIZE procedure
named locks : The DBMS_LOCK.ALLOCATE_UNIQUE procedure
commitment and : ALLOCATE_UNIQUE drawbacks
performance using Performance of named locks Optimizing named locks
named notation (=>) : The DBMS_AQADM.CREATE_QUEUE_TABLE procedure
National Language Support (NLS)
character set conversion : The UTL_RAW.CONVERT function
job scheduling and
13.2.2. Job Execution and the Job Execution Environment The DBMS_JOB.CHANGE procedure The DBMS_JOB.WHAT procedure
raw data and : 9.2. UTL_RAW: Manipulating Raw Data
setting characteristics : The DBMS_SESSION.SET_NLS procedure
Natural Language Support : (see National Language Support)
navigation (dequeuing)
5.3.8. Dequeue Options Record Type Dequeue navigation
NCHAR_ARG procedure : The DBMS_DEFER.<datatype>_ARG procedure
NCLOB_ARG procedure : The DBMS_DEFER.<datatype>_ARG procedure
8.2.1. LOB Datatypes The NCLOB datatype
nested variables, DBMS_SQL restrictions : 2.4.1. Some Restrictions
NEW_LINE procedure (UTL_FILE) UTL_FILE programs The UTL_FILE.NEW_LINE procedure
newline markers The DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE procedure The UTL_FILE.NEW_LINE procedure
next_date parameter (job scheduling) : The next_date parameter
NEXT_DATE procedure
13.1.1. DBMS_JOB Programs The DBMS_JOB.NEXT_DATE procedure
datatype values : The DBMS_PIPE.UNPACK_MESSAGE procedure
NEXT_MESSAGE dequeuing : Dequeue navigation
NLS : (see National Language Support)
nonprogram elements
referencing in packages : 1.3.3. Referencing Built-in Package Elements
Oracle Developer/2000 and : Referencing packaged constants and variables
normal queues : 5.1.5. A Glossary of Terms
NOT bit operation : The UTL_RAW.BIT_COMPLEMENT function
nthcol function : 2.5.3. A Wrapper for DBMS_SQL .DESCRIBE_COLUMNS
nthline.sf : Getting the nth line from a file
NUMBER_ARG procedure : The DBMS_DEFER.<datatype>_ARG procedure
numcols function : 2.5.3. A Wrapper for DBMS_SQL .DESCRIBE_COLUMNS
numeric characters (NLS), setting : The DBMS_SESSION.SET_NLS procedure
numeric-to/from raw conversions : Conversion and coercion
NVARCHAR2_ARG procedure : The DBMS_DEFER.<datatype>_ARG procedure

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