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Sets the floating-point environment to a previously saved state, but preserves exceptions

#include <fenv.h>
void feupdateenv ( const fenv_t *envp  );

The feupdateenv( ) function internally saves the current floating-point exception status flags before installing the floating-point environment stored in the object referenced by its pointer argument. Then the function raises floating-point exceptions that were set in the saved status flags.

The argument must be a pointer to an object obtained by a prior call to fegetenv( ) or feholdexcept( ), or a macro such as FE_DFL_ENV, which is defined as a pointer to an object of type fenv_t representing the default floating-point environment.

The function returns 0 if successful; a nonzero return value indicates that an error occurred.


See the example for feholdexcept( ) in this chapter.

See Also

fegetexceptflag( ), feraisexcept( ), feclearexcept( ), fetestexcept( ), fegetenv( ), feholdexcept( ), fesetenv( ), feupdateenv( )

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