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Recipe 1.18 Creating a Highlighted Text Effect


You want to highlight a portion of the text in a paragraph, as in Figure 1-33.

Figure 1-33. Highlighted text


Use the strong element to mark up the portions of text you want to highlight:

<p>The distribution of messages from the selling of propaganda 

to the giving away of disinformation takes place at a blindingly 

fast pace thanks to the state of technology... <strong>This 

change in how fast information flows revolutionizes the 


Then set the CSS rule to set the highlighted:

strong {

 font-weight: normal;

 background-color: yellow;



Although the strong element is used in this Solution, you also can use the em element instead of the strong element to mark highlighted text. The HTML 4.01 specification states that em should be used for marking emphasized text, while strong "indicates stronger emphasis."

Once the text has been marked, set the highlighter color with the background-color property. Because some browsers apply a bold weight to text marked as strong, set the font-weight to normal. When using the em element, be sure to set the font-style to normal as this keeps browsers from setting the type in italic, as shown in the next code listing.

em { 

 font-style: normal;

 background-color: #ff00ff;


See Also

The HTML specification for strong and em at

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