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Searches for the rightmost occurrence of a given character in a string

#include <string.h>
char *strrchr ( const char *s , int c  );

The strrchr( ) function returns a pointer to the last occurrence of the character value c in the string addressed by s. If there is no such character in the string, strrchr( ) returns a null pointer. If c is a null character ('\0'), then the return value points to the terminator character of the string addressed by s.


char *mybasename = strrchr( argv[0], '/' );       // Find end of path.
if ( mybasename != NULL )
  mybasename++;             // Point to the first character after the slash.
  mybasename = argv[0];
printf( "This program was invoked as %s.\n", mybasename );

See Also

strchr( ), strpbrk( ), strstr( ); the wide-string functions wcschr( ) and wcsrchr( )

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