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Searches a string for a replica of another string

#include <string.h>
char *strstr ( const char *s1 , const char *s2  );

The strstr( ) function searches the string s1 for the first occurrence of the string s2 (not counting s2's terminating null character). The return value is a pointer to the first character in the first occurrence in s1 of the sequence contained in s2, or a null pointer if there is no such occurrence. If s2 points to an empty string, then strstr( ) returns the value of its first argument, s1.


FILE *fpTx, *fpRx, *fpLog;
char rxbuffer[1024], *found;
/* ... */
fgets( rxbuffer, 1024, fpRx );
found = strstr( rxbuffer, "assword:" );
if ( found != NULL )
  fputs( "Got password prompt. Sending password", fpLog );
  fputs( "topsecret", fpTx );

See Also

strchr( ), strpbrk( ), wcsstr( )

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