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Chapter 3: Communication Protocols and Thin Clients

Listing 3-1: Contents of a Sample RDP file

Chapter 5: Integrating Applications

Listing 5-1: The All.js Global Configuration File

Chapter 7: Scripting

Listing 7-1: Creating a File with a Dynamic Name
Listing 7-2: A Simple Logon Script
Listing 7-3: The Analysis Script
Listing 7-4: Linking %RootDrive% to the User’s Home Directory
Listing 7-5: The RootDrv.cmd Script
Listing 7-6: The Dynamically Created RootDrv2.cmd Script
Listing 7-7: Querying the RootDrive Environment Variable in the UsrLogon.cmd Script
Listing 7-8: KiXtart Script for Assigning a Home Directory and a Default Printer
Listing 7-9: The Showvar.vbs WSH Script
Listing 7-10: Creating and Deleting a Registry Key
Listing 7-11: Verifying a Group
Listing 7-12: Changing a User’s Terminal Server Settings
Listing 7-13: Console Application Written in Visual Basic .NET
Listing 7-14: Console Application Written in C#
Listing 7-15: Logon Script Invoking a .NET Console Application

Chapter 9: Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server

Listing 9-1: Contents of the Install.ini configuration file

Chapter 10: Administration of Citrix MetaFrame Servers

Listing 10-1: Wtsprnt.inf Following the Mapping of Some Print Drivers

Chapter 12: Web Access to Terminal Server Applications

Listing 12-1: Incorporating the ActiveX Control and Transferring the Parameters for the Width and Height of the Terminal Services Session
Listing 12-2: Invoking an Application That Is Launched Within a New User Session

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