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• Top Ten Tricks and Tips for New IRC Users
IRC Hacks
By Paul Mutton
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: July 2004
ISBN: 0-596-00687-X
Pages: 432

      About the Author
      Why IRC Hacks?
      How to Use This Book
      How This Book Is Organized
      Conventions Used in this Book
      Using Code Examples
      How to Contact Us
      Got a Hack?
      Chapter 1.  Connecting to IRC
      Introduction: Hacks #1-4
      Hack 1.  IRC from Windows
      Hack 2.  IRC from Linux
      Hack 3.  IRC from Mac OS X
      Hack 4.  IRC with ChatZilla
      Chapter 2.  Using IRC
      Introduction: Hacks #5-11
      Hack 5.  The IRC Model
      Hack 6.  Common Terms, Abbreviations, and Phrases
      Hack 7.  Common Acronyms and Initialisms
      Hack 8.  Register with NickServ
      Hack 9.  Register Your Channel with ChanServ
      Hack 10.  The QuakeNet L Channel Bot
      Hack 11.  Fix Channel Problems with CHANFIX
      Chapter 3.  Users and Channels
      Introduction: Hacks #12-16
      Hack 12.  Find Relevant Channels and Servers
      Hack 13.  Guess the Time Zone of a User
      Hack 14.  Study Channel Statistics with pisg
      Hack 15.  Find Users in Channels
      Hack 16.  Filter Channel Lists
      Chapter 4.  Enhancing IRC Clients
      Introduction: Hacks #17-30
      Hack 17.  Automatic Completion of Nicknames
      Hack 18.  Add Timestamps to mIRC Messages
      Hack 19.  Highlight Lines in mIRC
      Hack 20.  Automate mIRC with Scripting
      Hack 21.  Format Text
      Hack 22.  Colorize Text
      Hack 23.  Play Sounds
      Hack 24.  Enhance irssi with Perl
      Hack 25.  Connect to Multiple Servers
      Hack 26.  Secure Your IRC Connection with SSL
      Hack 27.  Tunnel Your IRC Connection with SSH
      Hack 28.  Automate Voice Management
      Hack 29.  Make IRC Talk
      Hack 30.  Add Your IRC Nickname to Your Webcam
      Chapter 5.  Writing IRC Bots
      Introduction: Hacks #31-39
      Hack 31.  IRC Over Telnet
      Hack 32.  A Simple Perl IRC Client
      Hack 33.  IRC with Perl and Net::IRC
      Hack 34.  A Simple Java IRC Client
      Hack 35.  IRC with Java and PircBot
      Hack 36.  A Simple Python IRC Client
      Hack 37.  IRC with Python and IRCLib
      Hack 38.  Extend the Python IRCLib
      Hack 39.  The Ethics of IRC Bots
      Chapter 6.  Logging Bots
      Introduction: Hacks #40-43
      Hack 40.  Keep Tabs on People
      Hack 41.  Log URLs People Mention
      Hack 42.  Blog from IRC
      Hack 43.  A Continuity Bot
      Chapter 7.  Community Bots
      Introduction: Hacks #44-50
      Hack 44.  Infer Social Networks from IRC
      Hack 45.  Run an Infobot
      Hack 46.  Use PPF for Gaming Clans
      Hack 47.  Write a Plug-in for PPF
      Hack 48.  Getting Friendly with FOAFBot
      Hack 49.  Interrogate Trust Networks with TrustBot
      Hack 50.  Pass Notes to Other Users
      Chapter 8.  Search and Query Bots
      Introduction: Hacks #51-57
      Hack 51.  Search the Web with Google
      Hack 52.  Use the Dictionary
      Hack 53.  Check the Weather
      Hack 54.  Don't Get Lost in Translation
      Hack 55.  Convert Currency
      Hack 56.  Find Out When People Are on the Network
      Hack 57.  Search for Books on Amazon
      Chapter 9.  Fun Bots
      Introduction: Hacks #58-63
      Hack 58.  A DiceBot
      Hack 59.  An Egg Timer
      Hack 60.  A Trivia Bot
      Hack 61.  Perform Feats of Math
      Hack 62.  An Artificial Intelligence Bot
      Hack 63.  Create Comic Strips
      Chapter 10.  Announcement Bots
      Introduction: Hacks #64-67
      Hack 64.  Welcome Visitors Automagically
      Hack 65.  Announce Newsgroup Posts
      Hack 66.  Feed Syndicated RSS News
      Hack 67.  Watch Online Games with MatchEd
      Chapter 11.  Network Bots
      Introduction: Hacks #68-72
      Hack 68.  Link Channels on Multiple Networks
      Hack 69.  Get a Remote Shell
      Hack 70.  Tail Log Files
      Hack 71.  Bridge Two Infobots
      Hack 72.  A File-Sharing Bot
      Chapter 12.  Channel Management Bots
      Introduction: Hacks #73-77
      Hack 73.  Protect the Channel Topic
      Hack 74.  Invite Users into Channels
      Hack 75.  Maintain Operator Status
      Hack 76.  Set Up an Eggdrop Bot
      Hack 77.  Manage Channels with an Eggdrop
      Chapter 13.  The IRC Protocol
      Introduction: Hacks #78-85
      Hack 78.  Understanding the IRC Protocol
      Hack 79.  Text Over Multiple Lines
      Hack 80.  Fake an Ident Response
      Hack 81.  Strip Formatting from Messages
      Hack 82.  Remove Color from Messages
      Hack 83.  Encrypt Messages
      Hack 84.  Timestamp with the TS Protocol
      Hack 85.  Understanding CTCP Messages
      Chapter 14.  Other Ways to Connect to IRC
      Introduction: Hacks #86-94
      Hack 86.  Hypertext Links to IRC Channels
      Hack 87.  IRC from Your Mobile Phone
      Hack 88.  Enemies of Mobile IRC
      Hack 89.  IRC from a Pocket PC
      Hack 90.  Access IRC with Java Applets
      Hack 91.  Use IRC from a Web Page Without Java
      Hack 92.  Use IRC Within screen
      Hack 93.  Set Up an IRC Proxy
      Hack 94.  Use irssi and Its Proxy
      Chapter 15.  Servers and Services
      Introduction: Hacks #95-100
      Hack 95.  Set Up Your Own IRC Server for Unix/Linux
      Hack 96.  Install Services
      Hack 97.  Set Up Your Own beware ircd Server
      Hack 98.  Link Two IRC Servers Together
      Hack 99.  Use MSN/ICQ/Jabber from IRC
      Hack 100.  Combine BitlBee and CtrlProxy
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